Monday, 22 November 2010

The right notes in the wrong places

So, Pocket Rocket, once again reduced to three pieces (the last time it was thus was circa 2002), took to a West End stage on Saturday night, playing its first gig in nearly a year. In support of the wonderfully witty and harmonious Spirit of Play, we played the eight songs we have been rehearsing with our new drummer Nigel over the last 2-3 months.

In the last few months I have been trying to add a new lead guitarist to the line-up, but have not had any success in finding the right man for the job. In my heart of hearts I want my old guitarist back, but the time isn't right for him. So in his, and any other guitarists, absence, I have had to take over lead guitar duties.

I've had to learn some of my former lead guitarist's solos, which have been an education and a challenge. I didn't even know you could bend a G-string that far! So Saturday was going to give me a good idea about whether I could manage to add lead guitar to lead singing and rhythm guitar duties. One of the complications is pedal volume settings. But that's the subject of another blog all together

The response to the 3-piece sound we made was positive, however, this coming from two Grapefruits, and others in attendance. As a result I feel inclined to continue taking on the responsibility. I may even become a better, more confident guitar player, you never know.

I fluffed parts of the lead solos that I shouldn't have, but there were no howling bum-notes just the right notes in the wrong places. Like a good game of Mastermind, I'm sure in good time I will be get all the right ones in the right places.

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