Thursday, 31 March 2011

LondonGigs Thurs 7 Apr: Voodoo Rays @ the Workshop, Old St, Shoreditch (
LondonGigs: Fri 1st Apr: Spirit of Play at the Bowery, New Oxford Street, London WC1A (

The National: "Think You Can Wait"

Watch the video of The National: "Think You Can Wait" at Pitchfork:

Musicians Wanted Kent

Musicians Wanted Kent Drummer with quality equipment & transport seeks working band in local area:

Coldplay and Eno

Coldplay Continue Work With Brian Eno in Studio |

Elvis Costello's New York Library Gig

Elvis Costello's New York Library Gig to Air on PBS' 'Live From the Artists Den' - Spinner

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Old Top of the Pops on BBC4

BBC4 rewinds Top of the Pops to 1976: More at:

Musicians Wanted Manchester

Musicians Wanted Manchester: OVER 40 AND WANT TO MAKE MUSIC? Drummer and keyboard player wanted for original rock band:

New RTYD Member

Matthew Quinn of London band Darkwood is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network

Creak: From The Old Ship to The Hart this Friday 1st April

Four hours performing outdoors, by the river, on boat race afternoon, fancy that?

Well, Creak got just that opportunity, at the Old Ship at Hammersmith last Saturday, and managed the whole thing without having play the same song twice - and still the punters wanted more!

Word is, the landlord of the pub was blown away and his regional director is talking about the possibility of Creak playing at the Thames Festival. How cool is that!

The second of the band's regular residencies at the Hart is this Friday 1st April. Guests this month are The Rad Orchestra.

Musicians Wanted West Midlands/Worcestershire

Musicians Wanted West Midlands/Worcestershire: Experienced Bass Player looking to join/form Rock/Punk/Nu Metal band:

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Musicians Wanted Essex

Musicians Wanted Essex: Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter looking for like-minded for acoustic music. Happy to collaborate:

Steve White & The Protest Family play the Real Ale Festival, Waltham Forest

Steve White & The Protest Family is among acts appearing at the Real Ale Festival at the Waltham Forest Sports & Social Club on Friday 8 April. The band joins a bill that includes Eastroad and Corporal Machine & The Bombers, Tom Lynch & Andy Green, Sarcastic Fringehead and some regulars from Walthamstow Folk.

Expect lots of beer, cider and perry, too, all sourced from the south coast. Festivities kick off at noon, with the music starting at 8pm. Entry is £1 before 8pm, £2 after, with free entry for Club members and CAMRA members.

For more info:

Musicians Wanted Kent/London

Musicians Wanted Kent/London; Female Singer Wanted for acoustic act. Originals & covers. Rehearsals Kent/West London:

New California Member

Filthy from Sacramento, California is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network

Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Musicians Wanted Northamptonshire

Female vocalist available, Northamptonshire: Looking to join a band, Classic Rock/Blues/Jazz:

Musicians Wanted East Sussex/West Sussex/Kent

Keyboard Player Wanted: East Sussex/West Sussex/Kent: For 'serious fun' in rock/metal covers band:

Musicians Wanted London

Musicians Wanted London: Guitarist seeks originals band: Blues Folk Rock player/singer (42): A songwriters player:

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rock Keyboard Player Wanted: East/West Sussex/Kent: For 'serious fun' in rock/metal covers band:

New RTYD Member

Dan Ranger, guitarist with East Sussex-based rock band Bedraggled, is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Friday, 25 March 2011

And now for something [slightly] different

I'm honouring two further bookings at The Alley Cat, and then I'm packing in the regular ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP gigs. I started promoting regularly in September 2009 to help raise the profile of RTYD, to meet other mature musicians, and just to see what came of it, really. And I did meet some lovely people doing it, many of whom I consider friends now. But in the end, the 'brand' didn't make the difference to the attendance figures at gigs. The regular 'club night' for the open-minded gig-going over-40s crowd was never going to be successful, largely because this 'crowd' doesn't exist, as I had rather naively and optimistically hoped it did.

As a result, I have been relying too much on bands to bring a crowd, which understandably usually amounts to a handful of long-suffering friends; And the fact is the local live music scene has enough promoters doing this - and they have contracts and stuff, which I can't be arsed with.

Hey-ho. We live and learn. I still intend to organise one-off events, and I have a few ideas up my sleeve for these that avoid the usual showcase-style gig scenario.  I'm aiming at something more social, perhaps family -friendly, and overall more inclusive.

And when Pocket Rocket plays, as much as possible, I want it to be with other RTYD-associated bands, so I can co-promote these gigs under the RTYD name.

But my main priority right now is to get some more regular 'proper' work.

Watch this space.

New RTYD Member

Jeff Moon is drummer with East London covers band The Runaways, and a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP: musicians

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pocket Rocket

Two Pocket Rocket songs were used in this independently produced movie: Ambleton Delight:

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What are your most enduring festival memories?

What are your most enduring festival memories? A discussion on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP: festival

Bass Player Available

Experienced Bass Player Available, W.Midlands/Worcestershire: Bass player (43) looking to join Rock/Punk/NuMetal band:

Monday, 21 March 2011

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Musicians Wanted East Sussex

Drummer Wanted: East Sussex: For 3-piece, all with 30+ years experience. Gigs starting end of April:

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Musicians Wanted Avon/Devon/Somerset

Musicians Wanted Avon/Devon/Somerset: Drummer & Bass Player wanted to play 50s &60s Rock 'n' Roll music:

Monday, 14 March 2011

Musicians Wanted Warwickshire/West Midlands

Musicians Wanted Warwickshire/West Midlands: Bass & Keys wanted for melodic lyrical socially aware originals band:

Musicians Wanted London

Musicians Wanted London: Bassist, Keyboards & 2nd Guitar needed for Rock Band. Infs: Clash/Faces/Stones/Mott/Stooges:
This Wednesday ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP-SOCIAL @ the Bar@TCR, Tottenham Court Rd. Free. 6pm. (Footy is on in pub if you want to keep an eye on it)
Punks Not Dad's new EP 'RETAIL THERAPY' is out!! Johnny Cardigan gives you more details: punk

Punks Not Dad's new EP 'RETAIL THERAPY'

Finally, after much huffing and puffing the new Punks Not Dad EP 'RETAIL THERAPY' is now on sale. Four stonking tracks, I Can't Get It Up, Welcome to the Credit Crunch, Pound Shop and Hi Ho Silver Surfers (live), that will have Dads and Mums choking on their Werther's Originals with delight - and have their children wishing they hadn't been born.

"Where can I get a copy of this weapon of mass cultural destruction?" I hear you cry. Well, if you've managed to keep awake for the last few years you may know how to download it onto an mp3 player of your choice - in which case it's available on both iTunes and Amazon (I think Amazon is cheaper). Or if you can't manage that - or would prefer a good, old fashioned CD anyway - then you can order one from our website at Just go to the 'Music' page and click the link - £4.50 (inc p&p) to you guvnor - or £5.50 outside the UK.

All proceeds go towards the establishment of the Sid Life Crisis' retirement home for elderly and destitute punk rockers, honest...

Go on, buy a copy, you'll love it! *

Thanks again all - and don't forget the video at featuring the gorgeous Lisa Rogers!

Johnny Cardigan

* Punks Not Dad would like to point out that they cannot accept any responsibility for any injury sustained while listening to this record. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Musicians Wanted Central/Dorset/East Sussex

Musicians Wanted: Central/Dorset/East Sussex: Blues guitarist/vocalist looking to gig. Can travel:
The Ditchdwellers are a new Suffolk-based blues/rock band looking for gigs in Suffolk, Essex, and Cambs: RTYD

Musicians Wanted London/Surrey

Musicians Wanted: London/Surrey: Lead guitarist/songwriter looking to form original rock band (

Saturday, 12 March 2011

RIP Andy Falconer

I didn't know Andy Falconer who lost his battle against the rare form of cancer, mesothelioma, on 5th March, but being that he was a mature musician active at a local level who obviously rocked 'til he dropped, it only seems right to pay tribute to him here.

From the videos that have been posted to the Facebook page in his memory, and the respects that have been paid to him there, he was clearly a fine guitar player, and a very popular guy. Here's a link to that page:

Andy's funeral will be held at St Mary's Church on south Ealing Road on Friday 18th March 2011 at 2:30pm. The family welcomes all who knew him to say their final goodbyes. More details can be found here:

Musicians Wanted Suffolk

Suffolk Drummer & new RTYD Member Nick Neale is looking to join a rock/blues/funk/soul band on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Friday, 11 March 2011

Musicians Wanted Essex

Musicians Wanted Essex: New RTYD member: Bass/BVs looking to join a band: Rock/Blues/Prog/Metal:

Steve White & The Protest Family feat. Rukas at Camden Calling, The Enterprise, Chalk Farm, March 2011

The Outbursts at Camden Calling, The Enterprise, Chalk Farm, March 2011

Musicians Wanted Glamorgan

Musicians Wanted Glamorgan New RTYD Member: Keyboard player. Rock/Blues/Pop/Soul: Wales

The 4th Suit at Camden Calling, The Enterprise, Chalk Farm, March 2011

Listen to Poly Styrene's new single

Way back in 1979, aged 12, after having heard Oh Bondage!Up Yours! at a friend of the family's house, I spotted a cassette copy of Germfree Adolescence in the discounted music bin in the record department of Debenhams in Guildford. This bargain-and-some inspired me to send off for all the X-Ray Spex singles. I eventually replaced my worn out cassette copy of the LP with a vinyl one, and when I discovered Poly Styrene also had a solo album, I made sure I got a copy of that too.

On 28th March Poly Styrene releases her new solo album 'Generation Indigo'. It is produced by Youth (also The Verve, Killing Joke, Edwyn Collins), and above is the video for the new single Virtual Boyfriend.

For more details and to pre-order the LP, go to:

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Original Music Collective

Glasgow band and friends of RTYD, Strangetouch, want to rally your support for the Original Music Collective. The Collective is the brainchild of one Joe Bone (with whom I'm not yet acquainted), and the hope is that it will help revitalise the live music scene for bands playing original material at a local level.

The band issued a statement introducing the Collective, with a link to its Facebook page, today. It goes like this:

For many years the local music scene has been controled in the fact that there are some promoters out there who really don't give a hoot about the music!!!

As a musician, although it be part time, i have spent many hours crafting my songs spent lots of hard earned cash on instruments, studios etc to try and put quality music out there for you guys to listen to when it comes to playing live both the bands and the fans are getting a crap deal for years.

Some promoters only want bands who can draw a crowd this gets them the cash they want, for struggling bands this can lead to a decent band not getting the much needed live experience they need to improve or in some cases forces them to just give up. We can do something about this, in fact we need to do something about this, or we will lose top bands simply because the wont get a chance to play.

A few musicians who have got together to try put on gigs where bands get paid thus enabling them to do more recordings buy new gear etc. [The Collective] needs support from both bands and fans; it's time for change make a stand and join now check them out

To join The Original Music Collective on Facebook, follow this link:

For more info about Strangetouch:

The Outbursts play Punk All-Dayer in Acton

2010 RTYD AWARD winners, The Outbursts, play an all-day punk event at The Kings Arms in Acton on Saturday 9th April. The event starts at 3pm with a barbecue, which sounds rather formal for a punk gig, but I'm sure this will be just the beginning of the decent into chaos.

Entry is three quid, and the line up (at time of writing) includes:








For more details:
Musicians Wanted Cheshire/Clwyd/Merseyside Lead guitarist/BVs for 60s rock 'n' roll band with bookings & travel:

New RTYD Member

Allen Murray of Essex/Herts covers band, the JJars is now a member of RTYD: he is also looking for more keys work:

Musicians Available: Essex

Musicians Available: Essex: Keyboard Player (Roland + Hammond) available for deps with gigging covers (pref 60s-80s)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

These cunting bands

Steve White and the Protest Family don't have a drummer. But they are still funny. They are angry, too. The 4th Suit have a drummer, a great new one, so they too are funny, and angry (though it's a little hard to hear just how funny and angry because the soundman can't get their sound right).  The Outbursts have the same drummer as usual, but a different guitarist, both of whom make them funny and angry at the same time.

But what ties these bands together - these and a few others in this punk-comedy genre who shan't remain nameless such as 14 Carat Grapefruit and Punks Not Dad - is not just their funny-angriness, but their use of what some people - not so much women, and especially not American women - consider the funniest-angriest word in the English language, the vulgarism that dates back to the early 13th century and is commonly used to describe politicians and female genitalia.

"Why is everyone such a cunt?", sings Steve White, which is of course a good question; Matt the singer with 4th Suit asks for a show of hands from Phil Collins fans in the house, and Matt the bassist with Outbursts raises his hand (obviously in jest), only to be told his pop idol is a "cunt!" And when Matt and his Outbursts take to the stage themselves, there are more "cunts", and at least one it would be impossible to dispute: Gary Glitter.

The promoters of this fine bill of bands, which includes a poet and a rap/funk* band called Dekay and the D'mans, are Camden Calling. They are not cunts. They help the homeless and the vulnerable access the arts and music through events like this one at The Enterprise in Chalk Farm, North London, which is run, and features performances, by homeless people. Luckily for Steve White and his Protest Family, The 4th Suit, and the Outbursts they do have homes to go to and eventually, circa 11:15pm, they all leave for them.

Sadly for Matt Russell, the local cunts have got to his car first, and have caused at least two-hundred quids worth of damage to it. Suddenly, cunt is not such a funny word.

* I have since been corrected on Facebook by rapper Dekay Ex, who prefers her music to be classified as 'LIVE RAP'. That's as opposed to the dead variety, I presume.

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Strokes "Under Cover Of Darkness" on Saturday Night Live

I think the single version is over-produced. The guitars are so processed they sound like they are played by robots. Not on this version. Shame Julian Fernando Casablancas has to rip off his old melody lines. Otherwise, it's pretty cool, but they know that. Those two guitars have always sounded great together.

London/Surrey: Classic Rock Style Vocalist wanted for Hard Rock Band mixing covers with original material:
Musicians Wanted Beds/Bucks: Mature Vocalist required for Toss, Dunstable/Luton-based prog rock covers & originals:

Camden Calling: Helping the homeless and vulnerable access the arts and music scene

Camden Calling is a social enterprise hosting live music events that feature homeless and vulnerable people alongside mainstream musicians. All of their events are part planned, produced, performed and promoted by their group members. Camden Calling invests all profits back into the project and the personal development of their members.

In their first year they have launched a members album, been resident at The Camden Enterprise, linked members to creative and technical courses and facilitated creative partnerships. They celebrated their first birthday on November 7th and launched their debut album Camden Calling UNLOCKED @ The Camden Head. You can buy Camden Calling UNLOCKED for £5. Sales from this album will be invested into Camden Calling members over the next 12 months.

Camden Calling | Helping homeless and vulnerable people access the arts and music scene:

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bedfordshire band TOSS is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network Dunstable RTYD
Musicians Wanted Kent/London: Vocalist/Harps/Tenor Sax player in 50s, looking for blues/rock band: http://
Tonight!! The Outbursts, The 4th Suit & Steve White and the Protest Family at Camden Calling @ The Enterprise, Chalk Farm Rd, NW3

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Note to Self: Don't Die! South London
band & DIY home recording enthusiasts on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP: RTYD

The taxi driver's near-success experience

Unusually, this morning I find myself pissed, freezing, and walking backwards and eastwards down the northside of Oxford Street at 1a.m. looking for a cab home to Chalk Farm. Finally, out of a doorway comes an offer of one, clearly unlicensed, more expensive that I care to admit, but which in my desperation I accept.

Turns out my taxi driver is a musician. A guitarist who, without prompting, proceeds to tell me how a certain reuniting 80s pop reggae band that recently hired him to play guitar on their latest recording, had underpaid him and not treated him particularly respectfully. He is pissed off about it. About these has-beens' attitude towards him. Then as the tirade gathers more venom, he turns on local venues and promoters.

I think he plays me one of the pop reggae tracks on his car's cassette player, I can't remember now. What I do remember, though, is a fairly hissy recording of a synth-pop reworking of Purple Haze, which he plays me that he made back in the 80s. He tells me it caught the attention of someone at Rough Trade back then, but that they finally passed on it. Why? Again, I can't remember. It sounds alright. Or it would have done in 1983. The point is, this is the taxi driver's near-success experience. His moment. The one that he will forever hark back to. The turning point. Many of us mature musicians have one of these. He is obviously very proud of this music, this hissy old cassette is priceless and makes him happy; but he is equally embittered by it, sad and disappointed about what could have been.

Because I'm so pissed, I go into an evangelical one about 'us' mature musicians, and how we need each other, and how he isn't alone, and all that stuff. But the fact is there are so many musicians out there like this guy. With jobs they hoped they would never need. Careers they fell back on. Broken dreams, hissy cassette demos or skipping CDRs.

We sit outside my flat in the cab chatting for a little while, before I give him my cash and my RTYD card, and bid him goodnight. I do hope he signs up.


Musicians Wanted London

Musicians Wanted: Guitarist & RTYD member, Jan, is looking to join a band: rock, blues, pop, indie, etc, considered:

Musicians Wanted: Kent/Surrey/West Sussex

Musicians Wanted: Kent/Surrey/West Sussex: Bluesy funky guitar player wanted for covers band:

Interesting Songwriting Tip

Interesting: Songwriting Tips – Songs as stepping stones | Make It In Music RTYD musicians

Spirit of Play

Geekpopsters Spirit of Play record themselves: RTYD

The new Young Knives song 'Love My Name'

This is more like it! (see Arctics review - in previous blog post)

Brick by Brick by Arctic Monkeys: Video and Review

This video for the new Arctic Monkeys song was posted on Friday afternoon, without any advance notice. Is it a track off their new album? Or simply a taste of what to expect? On first impression, I wasn't as excited by it as I was by the first single from their previous LP, Crying Lightning, though the last LP, which suffered from too much tuneless riffola, was itself a little disappointing. My issue with Brick by Brick is that the Arctics are increasingly sounding like the Deserts. As they continue to sound more and more US-stoner-rock, they are in danger of losing all the Englishness, which gave their brand of rock much of its charm in the first place.

This is what too much time in the desert sun sounds like. Don't get me wrong, I like Monster Magnet, et al, but I don't need a British tribute to them, or their genre. Sadly, the only quirks that remain here are musical and unnecessary mid-song proggy noodles at that. Still, I reserve final judgement until I hear the new album in its entirety.

The band play at home in Sheffield in June and headline the V festival in August, which, surprise surprise, has already sold out.

Friday, 4 March 2011

'Something New' by Dave Goddess Group

Sometimes the best rock comes from the heart of the city with an old soul, Dave Goddess Group is no exception. Please enjoy this rather compelling clip of old school NY rocker Dave Goddess talking briefly about the fight for relevance (against agesim) and the longing to create 'Something New'.

Something New is Dave Goddess Group's debut and was mixed by renown rock producer Ed Stasuim (The Ramones, Soul Asylum, Talking Heads, The Smithereens).

Please feel free to share the single Something New:

The Dave Goddess Group’s release, Something New, is an anomaly on today’s music landscape; a classic sounding, mainstream rock record with no gimmicks, airs or apologies. Mixed by Ed Stasium (Ramones, Talking Heads, Smithereens), Something New is a refreshingly tight, old school rock foray that captures Dave Goddess’s knack for memorable hooks, thick guitars, and rough-hewn lead vocals reminiscent of Ian Hunter and, at times, Peter Gabriel.

Of the legendary Stasium’s involvement, Goddess explains, “Ed was really the perfect guy to understand the rock/soul spirit of the album and to bring that out. Ed constantly surprised me; he was able to take it to a higher place.”

The results of this dynamic collaboration are all there in the mix. From the driving rock title cut, “Something New,” until the last notes of the jangly “I Can Dream,” DDG create a dialed-in, roots-based blend that melds a 70’s vibe with exuberant 80’s guitars. Nowhere is this more apparent than on “Sweet Miss Understanding,” a song that showcases Goddess’s on target songwriting and ability to deliver raw, accessible lyrics with guts and soul: “bittersweet and complicated, the pattern set so long, she has her reasons, I have mine.”

Other highlights include the gloriously anthemic “Call Of The Wild” and the catchy, up-tempo groove of “Luck Guy” featuring horn players from The Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge tour. Ironically, Something New feels more like a pair of old jeans than a debut: familiar, comfortable and torn in all the right places.
Suffolk Gigs: Sat 9th April: Outlaw Eagles (Eagles Tribute) & Fundraiser @ the Kesgrave Social Club Kesgrave, near Ipswich, Suffolk
Musicians Wanted: E. London-based female lead guitarist into blues/soul/R&B looking to network with other musicians:

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Musicians Wanted: Kent London Prog Rock band looking for bassist, keys & singer to play debut album:

London Gigs: JC Carroll Acoustic Experience w/ Phil Martin

LondonGigs: Fri 4 Mar: JC Carroll Acoustic Experience w/ Phil Martin: St Paul's Parish Centre BRENTFORD TW8 ( London

Pocket Rocket on Soundcloud

Pocket Rocket's Banging Your Head: RTYD

Gig, anyone?

Anyone want a gig @ Montague Arms, New Cross, Sat 12 Mar, with friends of RTYD, the Probing Cranks? Contact Andy:

John Robb's interview with JJ Burnel

This is worth a read for all you Stranglers fans out there: John Robb's interview with JJ Burnel: @LouderThanWar RTYD

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Quite a drum kit!

That is quite a drum kit! And quite a beard, too! ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network

New RTYD Member

New RTYD Member & Drummer Dan Shooter is looking to join a band in London on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Tuesday, 1 March 2011