Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Jonnie Rice Band & SLAM at The Classic Rock Club this Friday by DJ Chilli

Last March 2010, a Classic Rock Band with Pedigree ‘SLAM’ stormed the Classic Rock Club Cheshunt...They wowed the crowd with their antics and great performance...The Band delivered Great Rock Covers as well as their own numbers and we are pleased to announce they will be back on stage at Cheshunt, to kick off the New year in style on Friday 28th Jan.

SLAM are a Hard Rock/Blues outfit based primarily in East London, comprising four highly Experienced Musicians with a history spanning the past 20 plus years.

Vocalist Freddie Ball has been in a number of bands including CHEAP THRILLS, TUSH and DUMB BLONDES which he formed with PHIL COLLEN, (DEF LEPPARD). With SAPPHIRE, Fred supported the legendary ALICE COOPER on his 1981 UK Tour, followed by gigs across Europe. Fred then went on to form XFX during which time he can also be heard providing backing vocals on the 1987 DEF LEPPARD album HYSTERIA.

Guitarist John Wiggins has played in TOKYO BLADE with whom he recorded the albums “TOKYO BLADE”, “NIGHT OF THE BLADE” and “BLACK HEARTS”. He has also been in PAUL DI’ANNO’S BATTLEZONE and toured the United States promoting their first album titled “FIGHTING BACK”. The release of BATTLEZONE’s second album “CHILDREN OF MADNESS” led to more European dates this time with ANTHRAX and TESTAMENT. BATTLEZONE also shot a video in the US for a single from the 2nd album called “I DON’T WANNA KNOW” which received extensive airplay on MTV (and can still be viewed on YouTube)

Bassist Dave Horne formed fusion band ANON with American guitarist MARK WINGFIELD and drummer STEVEN LAW followed by CZAR - opening for WRATHCHILD on part of their STACK HEELED STRUT TOUR.

Drummer Charlie Towler formerly played in DEEP MACHINE with John and was a key component of XFX, providing flashes of genuine “percussion brilliance” across the backline!

Supporting SLAM will be The ‘Jonnie Rice Band’...Jonnie Rice is the Gifted Guitarist and Vocalist behind Power Trio ‘Hot Maegus’, who played The CRC last year..His style is very Hendrix mixed with Psychedelic Blues/Rock you can expect an evening of Fuzz drenched, soaring guitar driven, space Rock...Be sure not to miss this powerful Double Bill !
Friday 28th Jan...Doors 7:30pm...£3 on the Door...The Jonnie Rice Band will be on stage @9pm sharp.

The Classic Rock Club at Cheshunt Football Club, Theobalds lane, Cheshunt EN8 8RU...5 mins from Theobalds Grove Stn - by road Junction 25 on the M25 just off the A10.

Thanks to all our members for keeping our Music Alive...

Best wishes

DJ Chilli

Monday, 24 January 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Musicians Wanted Kent: Drummer for punk band

Jason West of Kent punk band Run Leia Run is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP. . The band, who have gigs and recording booked, are looking for a new drummer. They seem pretty cool. Have a listen at their MySpace:

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Albums you HAVE TO listen to from beginning to end: Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice Cooper. American Prayer - Jim Morrison & The Doors ...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Band News: Buckerfield leaves Live Wires

Bassist Steve Buckerfield has left post-punk rockers Live Wires. No reason has been given for his departure. Drummer of the London band, Greg Ball, informs me that as well as a new bassist, the remaining three members are also looking for a lead singer to take over from singer and rhythm guitarist Nick Cooke. It's not clear, at this point, what Cooke's new role will be.

Punks Not Dad New EP

Look out for the The Dads new EP featuring the songs I CANT GET IT UP/WELCOME TO THE CREDIT CRUNCH/HI HO SILVER SURFERS(live), as well as their new video featuring Lisa '32nd sexiest woman in wales' Rogers.

RTYD Tweet

Thanks to PunksNotDad, I was lucky enough to meet GayeAdvert: Here she chooses her top10 black metal bands: RTYD

RTYD Tweet

Big rock beards: Jim Morrison, John Lennon, the guy from the Eels....

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QueensOfTheStoneAge play the Blues on their new LP: RTYD

RTYD Tweet

SimonLeBon has grown a beard: RTYD

London Rehearsal Studios

The London Rehearsal Studios page on RTYD is an information resource that welcomes members' input and feedback:

Monday, 17 January 2011

New live dates: The Lone Groover

2010 ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP-AWARD-winning singer-songwriter, The Lone Groover, has announced a series of gigs to kick off his 2011 live campaign; The dates are as follows:

18/02/11 - White Lion Streatham
07/03/11 - Old Queens Head Islington
17/03/11 - The Green Man, Edgware Rd
30/03/11 - The Elixir Bar, Camden
16/04/11 - The Lamb and Flag, off Oxford St
17/04/11 - Bar Vinyl, Camden

Friday, 14 January 2011

Co-pilot wanted for Pocket Rocket

So the 3-piece thing is now working for me. My confidence in this arrangement has come from getting my programmed guitar sounds, and their levels, right, and from playing our new set over and over at full-tilt. Only then could I get a handle on the dynamics, and what guitar levels and playing styles needed adjusting. Right now, it's the verses that need to close down in chugging brooding anticipation of ensuing bridges and choruses.

So, I'm over another musician member of the band (for the time being, anyway!), but now I want another singer. My bass player currently sings BVs, which helps lift the choruses, but with respect to him, he isn't a strong singer (he does come up with some rather good BVs though); I think we need another strong singer. But we don't one who stands there like a lemon until the choruses.

It would be great to have a second singer upfront, one who doubles up words and lines, and can also sing harmonies, throughout the songs. Not being the most charismatic front-man, I could also do with a co-pilot. They would have to respect the English accent I sing in, and/so we're not looking for a US-style rapper or anything. Two of my favourite bands have second vocalists who are active throughout their songs, Fugazi and Pavement. In some respect, (in a self-aggrandising respect) I'm looking for a Daltrey to my Pete Townshend, the difference being I want to continue to be the lead singer.

Here's a link to the ad on RTYD:

Dire Straits Banned!

Apparently, a DireStraits song has been banned from the radio in Canada! Ridiculous. Find out why:

London Gig News: Pocket Rocket & The Dipsticks at The Dublin Castle, Camden

Our good friends, former-Carol Street squatters, The Dipsticks, have confirmed their availability to join Pocket Rocket on the bill at The Dublin Castle in Camden on Wednesday 30th March.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Transit, but no coach

Always wanted to go on tour on a coach, unfortunately never made it beyond the Transit!

Facebook Discussion

Rock songs about buses and coaches: Magic Bus - The Who, National Express - Divine Comedy. Any others?

The Modern Age of Coach Travel on BBC4

"Oh shit! There goes the charabanc!" Watching The Modern Age of Coach Travel on BBC4. They're talking about The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Another chance to meet the family: ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP-SOCIAL No.3, 16th March, Bar at TCR, W1:

Close, but no Grapefruit

Otto from 14 Carat Grapefruit wanted to organise a gig for his band at the Dublin Castle in early May, so he sends me an email to see if RTYD wants to sub-promote it. I say "yeah, but no, but..." 'cos I'm tempted, but then I remember that I'm supposed to be trying not to do more than one gig a month this year. It is hard, but I'll get over it. Anyway, in the end, I suggest he contacts Bugbear Promotions (the pub's promoters) directly. I ask him if he'll try and get Pocket Rocket on the bill, and this he kindly agrees to do.

He is successful, I think it's in the bag, I've checked with the band, and I'm ready to pen it onto the calendar, when I realise I can't do it. I'm gonna be coming back from the US a few days before it, I'll be jet-lagged out of my mind, and unrehearsed. There is a recipe for a gig disaster.

In a disappointed yet enthusiastic state, I have since contacted Bugbear, and have pencilled in a new date (30th March - unfortunately without the Grapefruits who will play The Dublin as planned on 4th May) and if it is cushty with the rest of my band, I will endeavour to find another RTYD-associated band to play on the bill.

Welsh Musicians & Bands from 50-70s

Wales Musicians If you're a member of a Welsh band from the 50s/60s /70s, you better check this out:

Monday, 10 January 2011

Leicester Music Scene

Inspired by recent activity by Leicester-based members, I'm investigating its music scene. Any leads, anyone? Musicians, bands, venues?

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Leicester Musicians

Leicester Musicians: Check out excellent singer/songwriter and all his bands: Kevin Hewick:

My response to Andy Gill's recent article for The Independent

I contributed a response to Andy Gill's 'In rock music's cruel lottery, living fast and dying young is for the lucky'

London Musicians:

Check out Mick Watts of London band Rock of Ages on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network:

Saturday, 8 January 2011

California Musicians Ads website: From little acorns...

I'm posting this ad (below) in a blog because it's the first ad that anyone's posted on my new California Musicians Ads website. It's only taken about 4 weeks for someone to post something! The idea of the California site is to give me something to do in California when I'm there twice a year visiting my wife's family. Maybe there'll even be a RTYD Social in Oakland, California, before the year's out!

Anyway, for what it's worth, here it is:

Musicians Wanted Los Angeles Cty: Drummer/Vocalist available for established band. 20+yrs experience inc. Top 40 bands.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Patience is a virtue: the RTYD AWARD presentation at Borough Studios

My stake-out at Starbucks paid off, and eventually I got to present the RTYD Award and spend a good half-hour chatting with Marco, who co-owns Borough Studios. Nice bloke, and very grateful for the studio's award. Seven or eight rooms there, not huge, but adequate, and clean. Not at all smelly or damp, like some. And, what looks like, decent equipment. Also, a recording studio, which looks handy, and I had a good chat with the engineer/producer, too.


Got an answer at Borough Studios. Meeting with co-manager Marco.

Toby Burton (Posted using BlogPress from my moby)

Still no answer at Borough Studios

Still no answer at the door or on the phone of Borough Studios. I'll give 'em 'til 2pm, and then I'm off.

Toby Burton (Posted using BlogPress from my moby)

Close, but no cigar, just coffee and a muffin

No answer at Borough Studios' door where I am going to present a RTYD-Award, which is odd. Resorted to surveillance from Starbucks across the road.

Toby Burton (Posted using BlogPress from my moby)

Presenting RTYD AWARD 5of6

I'm off at lunch to present Borough Studios with their 2010 ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP-AWARD.

Toby Burton (Posted using BlogPress from my moby)

A discussion on 'Empty Gigs'

There is an interesting discussion on Empty Gigs (at a local level) on Linked-In:

Thursday, 6 January 2011

'And it all breaks down at the first rehearsal' (Nancy Boy - Placebo)...hopefully not!

Looking forward to Pocket Rocket's 1st rehearsal of 2011 & our 1st gig, at The Comedy, nr Leicester Sq on Wed 16th Feb.

Welcome to a new RTYD Member:

I would like to welcome Bill Steen of The Mystics (Bristol) to ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Musicians & Bands Network:

The Outbursts 2010 ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP-AWARDS acceptance video

What a year 2010 was for the Outbursts! With all the cuts, strikes, protests and riots ahead, maybe '11 is gonna be the new '77? Or was that '76? Either way, we definitely need a soundtrack, and theirs would certainly cheer us all up a bit! Well done lads!!

Video link:

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Two chord wonders, anyone?

I'm teaching a few of my daughter's 7 year old friends to play the guitar. We're working towards a performance at school of Eleanor Rigby, because depressing as it is, it is only really two chords, give or take a minor-6th and minor-7th. Anybody know any other two chord wonders?

Memories inspired by the death of Mick Karn.

Mick Karn (24 July 1958 – 4 January 2011) and Japan (disbanded 1982) provided the soundtrack too much of my late-teens. I remember sitting in my girlfriend's bedroom in Milford, Surrey listening to I Second That Emotion and snogging. I also remember there was a guy who lived round the the corner from me back then, who was a Numanoid, as well as being a Japan fan. I remember him telling me how impressed he was, when he went and saw Japan live, by how fast Mick Karn could switch basses. A Numanoid-style demonstration of his technique was also provided.

I'm sure I've blogged about how I like the first Japan LP, Adolescent Sex, the best, and I still do. I love the early synths, and the rock guitar, much like you hear on early Simple Minds LPs. Quiet Life and Gentlemen Take Polaroids are great, too, and Assemblage was my gateway Japan experience; I remember borrowing the cassette from the local library and copying it.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Richard Barbieri performing a solo set at The Bush Hall, which was pretty cool, but I never got to see Japan live, I'm sad to say. Though, I'm not sure there would have been much to watch after about '81.

RIP Mick Karn (Japan)

RIP Mick Karn: I still listen to Japan. A lot of their music was the soundtrack to my late-teens.
I know it's Baker Street I should be singing this morning, but it's not, it's the Damned version of White Rabbit (?)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A late night resolution

The last Xmas bottle of ale had been poured and imbibed, so it's all over.

Back to press-ups in the morning, and bowls of cornflakes, fruit and maple syrup late at night.

But more importantly, back to using this blogsite for its original purpose (notice that I changed the header?) and ceasing to fire Musicians Wanted Ads at it (at least without comment). God knows what I'm going to write that I haven't already written, but I'll think of something.

Gerry Rafferty: Do as he did: rock 'til you drop

When I think of Gerry Rafferty (16 April 1947 – 4 January 2011), I think of this record cover. The brother of one of my school mates must have had it. We often trawled through his LPs when he was out. I discovered the Doors doing this. Of course whenever I'm on Baker Street in London, I find myself singing Gerry Rafferty's hit song of the same name. Or humming the intro, at least; I don't know the words well enough to sing it.

And I think of The Foo Fighters, who I'm not a big fan of, but they did do this pretty decent cover of Baker Street:

Toby (

Musicians Wanted London

Musicians Wanted London: Amateur band on the look out for a singer. Covers and originals. Rock, blues, pop etc:

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Musicians Wanted Hampshire, West Sussex

Musicians Wanted Hampshire West Sussex: Reggae drummer seeks band into roots reggae:

Musicians Wanted London

Musicians Wanted London: ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP member looking for a side project as vocalist/lyricist:

Musicians Wanted Lincolnshire,

Musicians Wanted Lincolnshire: Drummer wanted for rock covers band The Fortune Tellers:

Musicians Wanted Berkshire Hampshire Surrey

Musicians Wanted Berkshire Hampshire Surrey: 40-something looking for song writing collaboration:

Musician Wanted London

Musician Wanted London: Drummer looking for Blues/Blues shuffle/R&B/60s Soul/Jazz/Bossa Nova band:

Saturday, 1 January 2011