Friday, 30 December 2011

Introducing Woking band Phoenix Chroi

Welcome new ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP member Woking, Surrey-based band, Phoenix Chroi.

Phoenix Chroi are an original/covers band looking for paid gigs. Forming from the ashes of covers band Jezebel No More, the band comprises experienced musicians and writers, who have their own in-house recording and production set-up.

Watch this space for details of gigs in 2012.

Introducing new RTYD member, Tim Jackson AKA the Funky Monki

Welcome new ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP member Tim Jackson AKA the Funky Monki. Tim is based in Chelmsford in Essex and plays bass and sings backing vocals.

He is a professional musician who is available for session work, and is always looking for paid gigs. He can play in a multitude of styles, but his favourite is a hard groove. He has been a proud endorsee of Warwick basses for the last 12 years, as well as, an endorsee of Trace Elliot, Peavey and Rotosound. He has toured Europe and North America and has driven a 1979 New York police car from Chelsea to Monte Carlo and back in three days on the Cannonball Run!

When he finally drops, which obviously won't be for a very long time, he wants Sir Psycho Sexy by the Red Hot Chili Peppers played at his funeral. Good choice!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Introducing: Covers band FOR (Foundations of Rock)

FOR (Foundations of Rock) are a four-piece rock covers band that pay homage to the 60s and 70s and all rock and pop classics. Formed in 2007 they now play all over England in both full rock band mode and at more intimate venues, as an acoustic/electric duo. Their songs are drawn from the repertoires of timeless artists including Alice Cooper, T.Rex, Pink Floyd, Gary Moore and The Rolling Stones.

Visit their website for details of their upcoming shows and listen to some of their music.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

RIP RTYD Jim 'Motorhead' Sherwood - member of Frank Zappa's original Mothers of Invention:

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Bedfordshire Venue: Bedford Esquires

#Bedfordshire Venue: #Bedford Esquires on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:  Please add your comments:

Friday, 23 December 2011

It's time to rock... it's 3:40!

From the remnants of one of the great glam rock tribute bands, GLAM, comes 3:40 playing songs from the post-classic rock era by acts such as Nirvana, Green Day, Guns & Roses, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

3:40 features the vocal and musical talents of Trey Patterson (pictured above), the unrivaled guitar prowess of The Dude and the incredible percussion skills of Dr T. For an evening to lose your voice by, watch this space for gig details.

Steve White & The Protest Family performing 'Santa Is English'

Steve White & The Protest Family performing 'Santa Is English' at the 'Punk 4 The Homeless' gig at 'The Bell', Walthamstow on Saturday 10th December 2011.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Video: I'm Father Christmas by Mark Handley

Check out singer/songwriter and RTYD member Mark Handley's music video for his song I'm Father Christmas, filmed while Mark was busking in Peascod Street in Windsor, Berkshire earlier this month.

© Mark Handley Original audio recording 1995

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A message to you, from the Lone Groover!

Dear friends, 

The last gig of the year sees THE LONE GROOVER (that's me!) returning to my spiritual home, The Windmill, 22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton SW2 on Thursday 22nd December
It's gonna' be a blast so come and have an end of year shandy....... 1) It's Xmas! 2) It's the anniversary of Joe's death so expect a Strummer tribute or two. 3) I'm taking along DJ's TOLLY & SUPERBREAKER for some moral and spiritual guidance in the form of vinyl 45's from the vaults (punk/ska/northern/indie). 4) I'll be unveiling my latest weapon in my ongoing 'war on rubbish'....all will be revealed!...... Oh! and it's FREE!!! On stage 9.15pm. Also appearing, Senor Al & the JJ's 
Peace 'n' Luv 'n' Haight, TLG

"Not a soul cares what your class is, or what your race is, or what your income, or if you're a boy, or girl, or bent, or versatile, or what you are - so long as you dig the scene" - Colin Maccines

Video: She's Still Got It by Mark Handley

Singer/songwriter and RTYD member Mark Handley's song She's still got it, from the album The boy who never grew up. ©Mark Handley 2012

Diced Cookin' covering Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower

RTYD member Ron Greenwood posted this: Diced Cookin' covering Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower at Jazz After Dark on 24th November 2011. The Band has a Thursday residency at the legendary Soho venue.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cockney Rejects - East End Babylon, KOKO, Camden, 26th April 2012

I have been a fan of the Cockney Rejects since I was 14. I have my older cousin to thank for including them on a series of a dozen or so compilation cassettes he lovingly made for me from about 1980 of some of the best of his British punk collection, which included a fair amount of street punk and Oi! 

Along with Sham 69, the Cockney Rejects were one of my favourite of that second wave of punk bands. I was too young to be allowed to travel to London to see them play live, and by the time I was old enough, I had moved on to listening to and going to see more contemporary early-to-mid-80s bands that were less punk and more electronic. But I have never lost my passion for punk rock, and still listen to the first two Rejects albums regularly - albeit not quite as loudly as I once did.

Thankfully, over the years I have got to see many of the bands that I missed the first time around; I saw the Damned for the second time last month playing their 35th anniversary show at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, and it blew me away just how good they were - just as Stiff Little Fingers, the Stranglers, and others have. I'm sure the Rejects will leave me feeling the same.

I remember driving around Godalming, where I grew up, with my cousin playing Police Car by the Rejects at full volume on his car stereo. I though it was so cool. I was a rubbish punk, though, I wasn't angry, scary or hard - I spiked up my hair, wore the drainpipes turned up, and the DMs, but I was far too sensitive to be a convincing street punk. But it didn't stop me loving the music, and if it wasn't for punk, maybe I would never have started writing songs and playing guitar. 

Since setting up ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP I have got to meet  a couple of my teen punk idols: TV Smith and Gaye Advert (I was even invited by Gaye to the private view of her art show Punk and Beyond, recently); Captain Sensible has tweeted about RTYD, and the Cockney Rejects are following me on Twitter. It might not seem like much to you, but it means a lot to me.

So say 'hello' if you're going to Koko in Camden on 26th April next year for the preview of East End Babylon, the punk-rocumentary based on singer Jeff 'Stinky' Turner’s biography 'Cockney Reject'. The film promises to tell the real story of the band, and give a true picture of the East End of London in the late 1970s; and what's more, it is followed  by a performance by the Cockney Rejects themselves.

I can't wait.

Video: Vinyl Zoo - Plead for More

Posted on RTYD by Surrey-based member Tom 

ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP member Robin Clark's band Wayward Souls

ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP member Robin Clark's band Wayward Souls performing an Allman Brothers classic 'Good Clean Fun' at the Duke of Edinburgh, Barming, Kent on 10 December 2011.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Video: The Krypts' Xmas Single: 'Having a Good Time (Drinking with Santa Claus)'

Haven't you had it with Slade and Wizzard, Band Aid and East 17? If you have, this one's for you - an excellent brand new Christmas song by South London band, the Krypts, entitled 'Having a Good Time (Drinking with Santa Claus)'.

You will love it; Your children will love it; Your parents will love it, their parents will, too - if they are still alive. In fact, I'm pretty sure you don't need to be alive to enjoy it - it's just more difficult to dance to when you're dead. My whole family is already enjoying it. The in-laws love it, too, and they're yanks!

 It is available to download on iTunes now, so please show your support for older musicians and live music made at a local level that deserves wider recognition, by buying it.

Merry Christmas, Toby

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Drummer (and multi-intrumentalist) Available: London/Surrey: Seeks band into blues/shuffle sixties soul/jazz or MOR:
Guitarist Available London/Essex/Kent: 54yo, more Harrison/Gilmour than Satriani/Vai:

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

News of Steve White & The Protest Family's gig at Punk 4 The Homeless this Saturday in E17

Saturday, 10th December: Steve White & The Protest Family + Müg + Lily Gaskell + Eagle Spits + Oceans Ink + DJs The Nasty Twins at Punk 4 The Homeless @ The Bell, 617 Forest Road, E17 4NE. 7pm. Free! Donations for Casa Alianza encouraged.

Punk 4 The Homeless comes to Walthamstow for Christmas. Punk and punk-inspired music, warmth, jollity, tidings of comfort and joy etc. We'll be on last, at 10pm or so, then it's a punk disco from the ever-so-lovely Nasty Twins. Please come. This will probably be the last gig at The Bell before they try yet another doomed revamp, turning it into a pub theme park (or whatever)

We've also got lots of gigs already lined up for early 2012, including a tour of Waltham Forest in February - and we're doing a festival in Dorset(!) in July.

But more about all that soon...

Lol (The Protest Family)

News from Louise Rutkowski: This Mortal Coil Box Set, MOJO article and Waves of Canvas release

This Mortal Coil Box Set Release and MOJO Article 

In case you missed the first box set of TMC, or you just want to add to your collection, a re-mastered box set has just been released. It has beautiful packaging design by Vaughn Oliver. There’s a feature article in the January edition of MOJO magazine.

To purchase or find out more click here

Release of “Angel” by Waves on Canvas, Psychonavigation Records, Dublin 

I have collaborated with a wonderful musician and artist in Italy and this is the result! Stefano Guzzetti contacted me as a TMC fan and I loved his own music and website (see, so we did an artistic exchange: I sang on this track and he made the video for “Mimi” – perfect! I hope to work more with Stefano in the future so watch this space! The release has 4AD connections, with the artwork being done by Vaughan Oliver and a remix by John Fryer. It wasn’t intentional, but just happened that way, which is nice. I hope you like it.

To purchase or find out more click here

New Album

This is progressing well and Irvin and me have been busy writing new material which we’re delighted with. I’ll be launching a Pledge Music campaign soon, so will keep you posted on that. This will be to raise the funds we need to put towards recording, manufacturing, and promotion. You can read more about Pledge at: As ever, a big thank you to those of you who keep in touch and are endlessly patient on the emergence of this record!

Rock On, Louise

The wonderful Milk Roar, and others, at The Montague, Peckham, this Saturday

Milk Roar, The Julias and Bentcousin play The Montague Arms in Peckham this Saturday 10th December. Pop down if you are free - it'll be a no-Xmas-hat zone!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

London-based OD101 is looking for musicians to join. Blues, rock, indie. Follow link to website and music:

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Arrgh - Banjo player, fiddler and accordionist wanted! - ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands musicianswanted
Welcome!! London-based OD101 to the RTYD Musicians & Bands Network:

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rolling Stone's Greatest Guitarists (Slight Return)

Rolling Stone magazine must be short of ideas because they're wheeling this one out again in their next issue: their Top 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time as voted by esteemed guitarists, music insiders and Rolling Stone's editors . Here is the Top 10:

01. Jimi Hendrix
02. Eric Clapton
03. Jimmy Page
04. Keith Richards
05. Jeff Beck
06. B.B. King
07. Chuck Berry
08. Eddie Van Halen
09. Duane Allman
10. Pete Townshend

Nothing unusual you might think; but their last list of Greatest Guitarists did differ a little. This is the Top 10 taken from their last Top 100.

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Duane Allman
3. B.B. King
4 Eric Clapton
5 Robert Johnson
6 Chuck Berry
7 Stevie Ray Vaughan
8 Ry Cooder
9 Jimmy Page
10 Keith Richards

Whatever Eric, Jimmy, Keef, Jeff, Eddie and Pete have done recently, it has clearly increased their all-time greatness.

Anyway, earlier this year, members of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Musicians and Bands Network shared their Top 10 guitarists of all time. You can check out their lists, and mine, here, and add your own if you wish.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Creak forced to cancel December gigs

Sadly, London covers band Creak are having to cancel all their December gigs (2nd at Cross Keys, Hammersmith; 9th Hogarth Club, Chiswick; and 31st The Wharf, Teddington) so singer Paul Rodger can rest his vocal chords.

Surrey four-piece The Boo Hag Band, who have supported Creak on a number of occasions in the past, will be stepping into their shoes, which leaves one spare pair, being that Creak is a five piece.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

How do they get away with it? A discussion on RTYD-Musicians & Bands Network

RTYD Member Graham Hunt: 'I looked in a well known high street pawn brokers in Chatham yesterday. I just looked in and saw a '72 style Telecaster Thinline hanging up. It said on the ticket clearly Fullerton USA - £599. WHAT! I went in...'

Saturday, 19 November 2011

New RTYD Member: Kent, UK

Welcome new RTYD musician, Martin, from Kent who is looking to play heavy metal drums or jazz/#blues/#rock guitar:

Steve White & the Protest Family perform 'Golden Arches' (Phoenix FM Creative Sessions)

Steve White & The Protest Family are also on the bill tonight with Robb Johnson & The Irregulars at the Birkbeck Tavern, 45 Langthorne Road, E11 4HL. It promises to be a night of entertainment with a little bit of politics... songwriter Robb Johnson takes his band The Irregulars for a rare night out in Leyton, ably supported by the semi-acoustic punky folky sounds of the almost legendary Steve White & The Protest Family. Pay what you like.

Welcome New RTYD Member: Maurice Richard Libby AKA Whiteboy Slim from Saskatchewan, Canada

The true greats of blues music generated enormous excitement and awe in their audiences. They did so with flamboyant showmanship; with aloof, tough delivery; with elegance and charisma; with passionate virtuosity; with all sorts of styles, but always with original talent and awesome presence. Whiteboy Slim, (Maurice Richard Libby), carries the blues tradition. His raw, authoritative delivery is obviously born of his respect for the music. He bows to the sounds that have traditionally portrayed American troubles, laying them under today's influences to create genuinely modern music. Slim says it best himself: "I stay true to the spirit of the music, walking the tightrope between the spiritual and the profane. I play old tunes by Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf - all the greats - and unusual stuff like some Fats Waller. I do a lot of original tunes as well: twelve bar blues with lyrics that speak to contemporary experience. I'm sure not going to try to write like a sharecropper from Mississippi."

(text from Whiteboy Slim's Website)

Friday, 18 November 2011

New RTYD Member: Lancashire

Welcome to Lancashire-based drummer, Dave Lang, who is looking to join a band on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

New RTYD Member: Lancashire

Meet Lancashire-based jazz drummer Peter Capstick, who is a new member ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands Network:

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New RTYD Member: London Band RoXi and the Blue Cats

Welcome! London band, RoXi and the Blue Cats, to ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands Network:

New RTYD Member: Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Welcome! Haywards Heath-based musician, Steve Alton to ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands Network:

Male Frontman Wanted: Beds/Bucks/Herts

Male Frontman Wanted: Beds/Bucks/Herts: For Classic Rock project, age 25-45, must have stage presence and great vocal range:

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Rival Sons at the Slade Rooms Wolverhampton

RTYD Member Sally Payne loaded this video of Rival Sons playing at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton earlier this month.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New RTYD Member: Essex

A Big RTYD Welcome to Tiptree, Essex-based musician, Kit, who is looking to join a band on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

London Gig Wanted This Friday!!

Due to the cancellation of their gig at the Stag in Hoxton this Friday night, 3 bands, including the wonderful Outbursts, are now without a gig. Any one want to give them one? And a gig.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Punk and Beyond Art Show (Curated by Gaye Advert)

Following the success of last year’s ‘Beyond Punk’ art show, which included works by well known punk musicians including Adam Ant, Poly Styrene, Youth and Steve Ignorant, its curator Gaye Black (better known as Gaye Advert of The Adverts) has put together another show of work to celebrate the enduring creative force of punk.

'Punk and Beyond’ runs from 25th November to 17th December, and will enjoy the luxury of a new bigger gallery space at the Signal Gallery (near Old Street, London), which of course means more artists and more artwork than last year's show.

The list of those former punks showing work is also more varied this year. Alongside art by well-known UK punk stars including Paul Simonon, Marco Pirroni, Penny Rimbaud and Charlie Harper, you can expect to see work by US musicians Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) and Marl Mothersbaugh (Devo).

The exhibition will also include a number of specially commissioned artworks that pay tribute to Poly Styrene who sadly lost her battle with cancer earlier this year.

To add to all this, over the four Saturday nights that the show runs, there will be live performances by a number of the musicians included in the show. Watch this space for more details of these.

Here’s a list of some of those showing:




Friday, 4 November 2011

New Video! The Zone

Snippets from the Zone's new 5-track EP along with clips from their performance at Guilfest 2011 - Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Zone Rock!

The Stabilisers Jukebox on RTYD

Listen to the Stabilisers Jukebox on their ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP page: #punk

The Stabilisers Live!

The Stabilisers play the Standard in Walthamstow on Thu 10 Nov: Details on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP-Musicians Network: punk

Spirit of Play Xmas Song - Details!

Good Times - Spirit of Play reveal details of their Xmas song! @spiritofplay1

The Beast playing 'Holy Child' live at the Hope and Anchor, London

New RTYD Member: Canada

ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP welcomes Canadian musician Keith ('The Whiners') McDonald to the Musicians & Bands Network: canada

Monday, 31 October 2011

Xmas Single! The Krypts

The Krypts! We love 'em: Check out the promo for their Xmas Single on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands

Monday, 24 October 2011

New RTYD Member: Birmingham

Birmingham-based bass player Richard Jones is a new member of West Midlands Musicians on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Saturday, 22 October 2011

West Midlands Gigs

West Midlands Gigs: Sat 29 Oct: Milestone Road at the Holly Bush 53 New Town Lane, Cradley Heath B64: freegig

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New RTYD Member: Germany

Please welcome German singer/songwriter Ralf Dee to ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP & have a listen to his music on his profile page

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Invisible Band are back!!

The Invisible Band are back with 3 videos of performances in SecondLife. Check them out on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP: alien

Monday, 3 October 2011


The search continues in the Stockport area: PHASE 2 - LOOKING FOR VOCALIST, GUITARIST AND DRUMMER!

New RTYD Member: Hertfordshire

Welcome to Herfordshire-based jazz drummer Ray Clifford who is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Roundtable Of Top Digital Music Thinkers Discuss F8, Facebook Music & More [VIDEO]

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fantasy Covers Album

South London band The Krypts contribute their Fantasy Covers Album on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP: @LiamBarnes

"Oh, we do like to [gig] beside the seaside"

'The 4th Suit' at the Seaside!!!!!! Details on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands @the4thsuit punk westonsupermare

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Musicians Wanted: London/Surrey

Musicians Wanted: London/Surrey: Looking to join/form/collaborate with a band playing mainly originals Kingston area:

Friday, 23 September 2011

New RTYD member: London

Welcome!! to London-based musician Steve Leppard, who is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New RTYD Member: Great Yarmouth

GreatYarmouth-based Vocalist/Keyboard player, Kevin Olejnik, is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

The Lone Groover at Punk 4 The Homeless

"I had a dream about Joe Strummer last night.." The Lone Groover at Punk 4 The Homeless.

The Outbursts perform the Stabilisers' 'I Feel Like Jimmy White'

The Outbursts perform the Stabilisers' 'I Feel Like Jimmy White' at the Punk 4 The Homeless charity gig which took place on Saturday 20th August 2011 at Velvets Club, Anderby Creek, Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Filmed by The Lone Groover.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Video: Junkie for Love by Glamweazel - live at the Pelton Arms, London

Hey! Hold up! What's David Cameron doing singing with Glamweazel? - at least he isn't running the country, I suppose.

Monday, 12 September 2011

New RTYD Member: Southampton

Welcome! to PAUL BARRY, Southampton-based guitarist with Hampshire band who is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

New RTYD Member: London

Welcome! to Richard Searle, bass player with London band, And Again, who is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Back Street Billy (Billy Karloff Tribute) play the Standard, Walthamstow

The Billy Karloff tribute band, Back Street Billy, featuring Outbursts frontman and good friend of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP, Ian Breslinplay the Standard, Walthamstow, this Thursday 15th September.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Video: Lost and Found by The Treacles

This is the Treacles performing Lost and Found, an original song by vocalist, Jenny Slater, at Outskirts' 10th anniversary party, at the Eden Bar in Birmingham.  The Treacles is: Laura Handbag on guitar, Jenny Slater on guitar, keyboard & vocals, Chrissie on bass, and RTYD member, Sally Payne on drums

The Great Outdoor Experience announce next gig

After a summer of "writing and keen observations", THE GREAT OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE have announced details of their next gig. On Friday 16th September they are playing at the Servants Jazz Quarters at 10A Bradbury St, Dalston, London N16 8JN. Support comes from The Fruitful Earth. Apparently, there's a speakeasy atmosphere in the venue, which is owned and run by friends of the band. Doors open at 9pm, and it's £3 on the door.

Friday, 9 September 2011

RTYD New Member: Manchester

Derek Thompson of Manchester band Cat Eyez is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Drummer Wanted: North West/Merseyside

RTYD Member Martin Keith is playing w/ Big Al Campbell (UKSubs & Sham69) & they need a drummer. NW/Merseyside: punk

Video: You Don't Own Me by Kitty & The Lost Boys

Kitty and The Lost Boys, featuring friend of RTYD Blind Johnny, live at The Tavistock Inn, Tavistock, Devon.

Video: All The Young Dudes by Crush UK

Crush UK, featuring RTYD member Martin Weller, playing All The Young Dudes at The First and Last, Exmouth, Devon UK.

Video: Carpenter's Song by Andy Webb

Carpenter's Song was written, sung and performed by friend of RTYD, Andy Webb.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Water Is Wide (demo)

Conor Smith and RTYD member Justin Ward of the Flitters, made this demo (including mistakes!) of this old folk song (originally Waly, Waly).

Out in Town & Going Down That Road by Heydaze

Two songs, Out in Town & Going Down That Road, taken from the video Strange How by Heydaze, featuring friend of RTYD, David Hynds. Filmed in Birmingham 2011

Friday, 2 September 2011

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Video: Surrey band, The Greedies, on a 'Highway to Hell'

The Greedies rock the Old Ford, Ash Vale nr. Guildford, Surrey, with their version of the AC/DC classic. Go to the band's website for contact details, and more good stuff..

Video: "Society Is Rapidly Changing" by the Bermondsey Joyriders

This is the Bermondsey Joyriders' take on what has been happening in Britain in 2011. "Society Is Rapidly Changing" (song by Gary Lammin/Video by Anna Chen AKA Madam Miaow) is from the band's album NOISE AND REVOLUTION, which will be out soon.

The Joyriders play the 100 Club, Oxford Street on Wednesday 7th September, when they will be performing ‘Noise & Revolution’ with guests John Sinclair (MC5), Simon Hanson (Squeeze) & Paul Ronney-Angel (The Urban Voodoo Machine). Support is from The Phobics Doors - 7.30pm - Tickets - £8 adv. / £10 OTD

'Porn Star' by 14 Carat Grapefruit

So here it is! 'Porn Star', recorded recently in a porn-dungeon in London's trendy Shoreditch. Follow this link to hear it, and more by the band:

And don't miss 14CG when they play the Miller in London Bridge on Saturday 10th September.

One The Juggler reunited at Glamweazel show

Sham, AKA 'Rokko' from 80s band One The Juggler, will be the special guest of Glamweazel at the Pelton Arms, Pelton Road, Greenwich on Saturday 10th September 2011. He will be joining fellow One the Juggler members Lushi and Colin for the first time since the band's 25th anniversary show 4 years ago. Glamweazel will be supporting Hendrix tribute EXP, featuring Lawrence Whitely and Ronnie Paris of The Ronnies.

Video: House of Love by House of Light

HOUSE OF LIGHT is a Berlin-based indie band, fronted by friend of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP, Justin De Vries, which recently moved to New York city. With roots in new wave and 80's pop, its members come from Australia, USA and Italy. Their songs are typically layered in lush melodies, psychedelic piano and guitar riffs, and lyrics that draw upon the French romantics and the surrealists - ballads, disco and electronica with a strong melody and a dark twist. 

Known for their volatile and unpredictable performances, and for experimenting with old and new technology, their songs are more cinematic in scope and delve into themes most modern bands ignore. Their first album "Electric Odyssey" explores themes such as urban inertia, immanence, futility and the dualities of the spirit. Musically they have been compared to the likes of Bowie, Joy Division, Nick Cave and Radiohead. and lyrically to Morrissey and Morrison. Their songs "Naked in a Dream" and "House of Love" are being played on UK and USA radio stations.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dry Bones performing on a houseboat

Dry Bones, featuring RTYD member Steve Van-Deller, playing for some friends on their double bass player's house boat.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Video for "Jesus I'm hitching a ride" by Mark Handley

Music video for "Jesus I'm hitching a ride" by singer/songwriter Mark Handley, originally filmed 1989 by Richard Dixon, edited 2011 by Gordon McLean.

Way on down the road of life there is hardship and strife
Who will lend a hand unto their fellow man
Though we may be strangers there will be no danger
Have nothing to fear the Lord is near


I'm trying to catch the driver's eye but as the cars are rolling by
They turn their heads and look the other way instead
Passenger seats are empty but they've no room for me
Lord they're stepping upon the gas and racing past

Shinning automobiles with polished chrome wheels
Make me sigh as they go rolling bye
And I'm down on my luck not even a pickup truck
Will be so kind as to take me down the line

Until the judgement day comes I'll be holding out my thumb
You'll decide I should make my final ride
Lord wherever I may roam won't you please take me home
And don't hit the breaks 'til we reach them pearly gates

Words,music and video copyright 1989/2011 Mark Handley

Drummer and RTYD member Roy Phillips in action

The mighty Roy Phillips in drum soloing action!

Friend of RTYD, Simon Bell, playing Camp Bestival, July 2011

Friend of RTYD, Simon Bell, playing Camp Bestival, July 2011

Video: Engine Room of the Apocalypse at the Native Tongue, Epsom

ERotA performing Brigadoon at the Native Tongue in Epsom. I think the camera man was pissed!

Drummer Wanted Woking

RTYD Member Vince Barnes and his band is looking for a drummer in Woking-area:

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New!! Video of The Outbursts at Punk 4 The Homeless, Skegness: @lonegrooves

Video: The Outbursts at Punk 4 The Homeless, Skegness

The Outbursts perform 'Chinese Eyes' at the Punk 4 The Homeless charity gig which took place on Saturday 20th August 2011 at Velvets Club, Anderby Creek, Skegness, Lincolnshire. (Filmed by The Lone Groover)

Friday, 19 August 2011

A discussion on Bootsy Collins' Funk Uni by RTYD member Phil White

RTYD member Phil White on Bootsy Collins' Funk Uni on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands bass

Steve White and the Protest Family at Archway is the New Reading!

Punk 4 The Homeless raise money for Casa Alianza who help street kids in South America. Their events always have a great spirit and Steve White & The Protest Family are proud to be playing for them at 'Archway is the new Reading' at Dusk Til Dawn in.. you guessed it: Archway, on Saturday 27th August. There are some great punk, and punk-inspired, acts on the bill, and it's only £4 from 4pm until midnight!

Shiny Happy People support Bay City Rollers at Dunstable Rocks!

6pm 20th August: Shiny Happy People play Dunstable Rocks! Grove House Gardens 76 High Street North Dunstable Beds LU6 1NF Tel: 01582 513000

New RTYD Member: Warwickshire

Warwick-based jazz vocalist Annette is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP and looking to form a duet:

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Glamweazel play the Pelton Arms, Greenwich, Sat. 10th September

Glamweazel have just announced a gig at The Pelton Arms, Pelton Road, Greenwich, on Saturday 10th September.

Calling Surrey/Hants Musicians!!

A weekend charity music event in Petersfield this Saturday is suffering from band withdrawal symptoms. If you play in some kind of acoustic stylee and are free to help out with a set on Saturday afternoon/evening, please get in touch with the organisers, here:

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New RTYD Member: Merseyside

Merseyside bassist, Brent Copson, is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP and looking to join a rock/blues band

Musicians Wanted Merseyside/Lancashire

Anyone up for a jam in the Mersey/Lancs area? Bassist looking to jam with others just for fun. Classic rock/blues etc

Drummer Wanted Birmingham/West Midlands

At last someone putting together a synth-rock band with Roxy/Japan influences: Drummer wanted: Birmingham/West Mids:

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New RTYD Member: SDOS Mobile Recording Studio: Somerset

Visit Somerset-based SDOS Mobile Recording Studio's page on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

New RTYD Member: London

London-based jazz/funk/soul bassist, PETER, is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP & is looking to form a SA jazz band:

New RTYD Member: Suffolk

BurySt Edmunds Suffolk-based Singer/Songwriter Kate Gibson is a new member of RTYD & looking to join a band:

Monday, 15 August 2011

Bassist Available: Cardiff, South Glamorgan

Bassist (33) Available: Cardiff South Glamorgan Wales: Looking to start/join post-#punk, rock, indie band:

Bassist Wanted: Staffordshire

4 grey haired old farts who wont lie down in Biddolph Staffs are looking a mature blues/rock bassist: bass

Musicians Wanted for South African Jazz band

Musicians Wanted for South African Jazz band: Bassist from SA with the view to gig in London, Europe and overseas:

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Outbursts @ Punk 4 The Homeless

Next Sat 20 Aug: The Outbursts @#Punk 4 The Homeless, Cheap As Chips Fest, Velvets Nightclub, Anderby Creek Skegness:

Spirit of Play at Green Man Festival

1:30pm next Saturday 20th Aug: Spirit of Play @GreenManFest Crickhowell, BreconBeacons, Wales @spiritofplay1

Friday, 12 August 2011

Introducing Joe: songwriter, and drummer with Blues/Rock band Gunnrunner

Hi there I'm Joe. I’m the drummer with rock/blues band Gunnrunner.

I am also a keen amateur songwriter and completely self-taught in all areas of my musical ability. I have a small home recording studio and spend many hours trying to come up with original ideas. I do not however make any claims of being a guitarist, keyboard player, vocalist or performer - although I do produce, record, sing and play a majority of the instruments on the recordings. Other than that, I am an idea's person; nothing more, nothing less.

The songs I write are in stark contrast to the material I play with Gunnrunner and are treated as a totally separate entity. The idea being that my music can be heard by someone in the music business, in the hope that they may hear something that appeals to either themselves, or even to an up and coming artist looking for songs.

I am prepared to work with anyone who may be interested. My aim is to use the internet as a promotional tool in order to get my songwriting noticed. So if you are an up and coming artist or someone who works within the industry and you like what you hear then do not hesitate to contact me or at least spread the word to others.

The tracks featured on my ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP page's music player, here, are demos of my own original material, so any constructive criticism is always welcome! (but....keep it clean, eh!)

Enjoy. And please feel free to comment!!


New RTYD Member: Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury-based guitarist STEVE VARGA is a new member of RTYD & is looking for a vocalist in Clive/#Grinshill area:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Message to You: The Lone Groover

Hey Hipsters,

This coming Friday 12th August, THE LONE GROOVER will be bringing his Folk 'n' Bop Revue to The White Lion, 232 Streatham High Rd, SW16.

Tolly & Superbreaker will also be manning the one's and two's, spinning punk/ska/northern/indie classics for your listening pleasure.

It's on home turf and it's gonna' be a Friday night like they used to make 'em.

Look Sharp! Admission FREE! Therefore Austerity proof!

Peace 'n' Luv 'n' Haight, TLG

Monday, 8 August 2011

New RTYD Member

Birmingham-based folk violinist/guitarist Ruth Graham is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Where is the Joy in Isolation?

Where is the Joy in Isolation? ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP member Angie supports acoustic performers on @SoundCloud and beyond:

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Musicians/Acts Wanted @TheHoratia Open Mic Sessions, Islington

Musicians/Acts Wanted @TheHoratia Open Mic Sessions, Islington: Details on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP: acoustic openmic

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bass Player Available: Newham

Newham-based Bass player Joel Letort is looking to join a psychedelic band on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

New RTYD Member: Essex

John 'Fatman' James of Essex bands Twice Removed & 7786 is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Drummer Needed: Kent/London

Drummer Needed: Kent/London: New band of oldies need a drummer to complete the line up. Originals/covers:

Male singer (42) seeking musicians: Leicestershire/Warwickshire/West Midlands

Male singer (42) seeking musicians: Leicestershire Warwickshire West Midlands: 80s/soft rock/original

Saturday, 30 July 2011

New RTYD Member

Coventry Warwickshire-based vocalist Paul is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP and looking to join a band:

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Live Music Day, Aldershot, Hampshire

Aldershot town centre is hosting its 1st 'Live Music Day' on Sat 30th July & friends of RTYD @theGreedies are playing

Musicians Wanted Hertfordshire

Musicians Wanted Hertfordshire: Better late than never! Guitarist looking to form loud heavy covers band:

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Horatia, Open Mic Nights, Islington

@theHoratia Open Mic Sessions, Islington, London, now has a presence on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP: acoustic

New RTYD Member: London

A big RTYD welcome to Gavin Taylor of London band The Moonpigs who is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP

New RTYD Member: Oldham, Lancashire

Oldham, Lancashire-based guitarist, John Dixon, is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP and looking to join a band:

New RTYD Member: Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Harpenden, Hertfordshire-based rock/#punk guitarist, Mike is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

New RTYD Member

New ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP members from Worcs, West Mids, London, Surrey, Yorkshire, Warks, Staffs:

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New RTYD Member: Sheffield

Sheffield-based drummer Dave 'Budgie' Burgess is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Musicians & Bands Network:

New RTYD Member: Burton-upon-Trent

Welcome! Burton-upon-Trent-based musician, John Rowberry, is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP Musicians & Bands

Monday, 18 July 2011

New RTYD Member: London

A big RTYD-Welcome! to London-based singer/guitarist, Angie, who is looking to form a band on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

New RTYD Member: Worcester

A big RTYD-Welcome! to Worcester-based musician Tim Young who is getting back into it after 20 years!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Drummer Available: Manchester/Cheshire

47 year old drummer looking to join a band in Manchester/Cheshire area. Influences old classic rock to modern day stuff

Saturday, 16 July 2011

New RTYD Member: Oxfordshire

Thame, Oxfordshire-based Guitarist Malcolm Kew is a new member looking to join a band on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Zone return to Guilfest this weekend

The Zone return to Guilfest this weekend. They play the Second Stage on Sunday at 2pm. Check out their brand new website, too, here.

Monday, 11 July 2011

I Can't Believe It's Not Jagger!‬‏

Great ad for this excellent Rolling Stones tribute act. Follow this link to see a video of the band in action (I recognise one or two of them from somewhere?!)


New RTYD Member

A RTYD Welcome! to Warrington-based drummer Dave who is a member of a Cheshire-based UFO tribute band:

New RTYD Member

Welcome! London-based guitarist Norman Leader who is a new ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP and looking to join a band:

Sunday, 10 July 2011

New RTYD Member

Derby-based Blues Bass Player Neil Fox is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network

New RTYD Member

Warminster, Wiltshire-based Multi-instrumentalist, Mike Terna is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Spirit of Play play Lambeth County Show

The most excellent SPIRIT OF PLAY play the Lambeth Country Show on Sunday 17 July 16:00 - 17:00: @spiritofplay1

Guilfest, anyone?

If you're a RTYD-associated band playing Guilfest, please email me details and I'll give you a plug. Thanks, Toby

True Deceivers at Guilfest

Surrey-band The True Deceivers will playing twice at next weekend's Guilfest. They are playing the 2nd Stage (The Good Time Guide Stage) at 1.20pm on Saturday, and The Acoustic Stage at 4.30pm on the Sunday. Rupert Lewis will be joining them on fiddle for both sets. Frontman Graham Firth is also compering the open mic on The Acoustic Stage from 12pm on Friday.

The True Deceivers were formed in 2003 from the ashes of The Blazing Homesteads. Comprising Homesteaders Nick Bliss (guitar and vocals), Mark Mitchell (fiddle and vocals) and Dee Coley (bass) they joined up with former Plenty frontman Graham Firth (lead vocals and guitar) and Jamie Legg (Eat The Sofa) on drums. They soon made a name for themselves on the live scene with their rootsy folk rock sound punctuated by Mark’s stunning fiddle playing and Nick’s punchy guitar work. Their influences range from Steve Earle to Bob Dylan, The Waterboys and Tom Petty. Following Mark’s sudden death in March 2009 the band reverted to a more acoustic sound with Dee picking up his acoustic bass and Nick swapping his Telecaster for an acoustic guitar and mandolin. The result is a more stripped down sound whilst still retaining the band’s ear for a melody and losing none of the power of the original line up.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

New RTYD Member: Manchester

Manchester-based drummer Simon Cooper is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New RTYD Member: Gwent

Abercarn, Gwent, musician Nigel Hodge is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP, and is looking to join a band:

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New RTYD Member

Welsh Guitarist Ianto Fullpelt is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network

Sunday, 3 July 2011

New RTYD Member: London

London-based guitarist/vocalist John Giltrow is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Guitarist Available, 58, Kent/London

Guitarist Available, 58, Kent/London: RnB/Rock/Blues: Clapton/Bon Jovi/Yes/Genesis/Dire Straits:

Bassist Wanted: Berks/Bucks/London

Berks/Bucks/London: 2 x Guitarists, and Drummer, who met through RTYD, seek mature Bassist for covers:

Drummer Available Essex/London

Drummer who made two very collectible LPs with band Raw Material in the 70s, seeks band. Essex/London:

Piano & Sax Wanted: Kent/London:

Does anyone wanna have fun like they did before jazz, before rock n roll had a name? Piano & Sax Wanted: Kent/London:

Friday, 24 June 2011

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Steve White & The Protest Family

Steve White & The Protest Family play two gigs this weekend in East London @realstevewhite

Steve White & The Protest Family play two gigs this weekend in East London

Steve White and The Protest Family play an 'unplugged' set at The Rose and Crown, Hoe St, E17 on Friday 24th June and The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, Dalston, London on Saturday 25 June.

Vote for the Lone Groover in the High Voltage Festival Folk-Off!

Great News! RTYD Award Winner The Lone Groover is in the running to play at the High Voltage Festival. Please take the time to follow the link below and vote for him in this 'Folk-Off':

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A big RTYD WELCOME to new members, Southend-on-Sea, Essex -based rock band BLACK SPRING RISING:

Friday, 17 June 2011

Guildford Surrey - based guitarist Brad Williams is now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP & looking to join a band:

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The 4th Suit play London

Just got wind of this one!! Tomorrow night (16th): ‎The 4th Suit play Fiddlers Elbow, Chalk Farm/Kentish Tn, NW5: punk

Singer Available: Hampshire

Singer Available: Hampshire: Wants to get together w/ musicians to write originals + play a few covers. Most styles:

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Former Session Player Rock/Blues Guitarist Available

Former Session Player Rock/Blues Guitarist Available: London/Surrey: Touring/recording experience, 43 & family now:

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Bermondsey Joyriders & John Sinclair (#MC5) support Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg @ViveLePunkTwit Gig, 26 June: punk

The Bermondsey Joyriders & John Sinclair (MC5) support Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg at Vive Le Rock gig

Punk-blooze supergroup The Bermondsey Joyriders will play Islington Academy on 26th June, as main support to the legendary Marky Ramone and his ‘Blitzkrieg’.

Following a phenomenal response to a self-promoted show at London’s 100 Club in May, where performance poet and 60s counter culture icon John Sinclair joined them to deliver live spoken word between songs, the band are pleased to announce that Sinclair will appear as special guest once again in Islington. On this occasion, the show is presented by new national quarterly Vive le Rock magazine, who also feature The Bermondsey Joyriders’ track Part of My Problem on the covermount disc free with their current summer 2011 edition.

Comprised of ‘77 veterans Gary Lammin (Cock Sparrer, and Joe Strummer protégés Little Roosters), Martin Stacey (Chelsea) and Rat Scabies (The Damned), The Berrmondsey Joyriders is a band which pools a lot of hard-won experience and yet refuses to rest on its laurels. Having taken just 12 hours in the studio to record the self-titled 2008 debut that Guitarist magazine’s Charles Shaar Murray declared had achieved a “unique spin on punk-blues”, and which Classic Rock magazine’s Carol Clerk deemed to have “pulled off a really impudent mix of influences”, The Bermondsey Joyriders are now set to show listeners what they’re really capable of - on second album Noise and Revolution.

Recorded over several weeks under the direction of Cure and Depeche Mode producer David M Allen, Noise and Revolution is an ambitious concept record, on which Sinclair acts as narrator, propelling the story forward with a poet’s pace and rhythm to a blend of slide blues, soul, punk and 60s psychedelic sounds. The Bermondsey Joyriders’ decision to air the recent live and in full with Sinclair in May, having not yet even set a release date, spoke volumes about their confidence in it, a confidence which crowd and critical reception that night confirmed to be rightly placed.

Reviewing the night, London live music guide Tour Times affirmed this show was in itself a brave move but qualified praise with the comment “originality doesn’t score points for its own sake, not when bravery sits so close to foolishness that the threat of ridicule can deter most innovators. No, this band really impress because their ambitious idea really works“. Bravery and innovation have been strong themes in The Bermondsey Joyriders’ recent performances, and the revolutionary spirit they share with Sinclair was highlighted once again when Gary Lammin participated in a ‘guerrilla gig’ at the Costa Coffee, which now stands on the site of well-loved independent venue The Gaff, with the aim of reclaiming the space for live music one last time.

Other Bermondsey Joyriders live dates include:

16th June - Club 007 Strahov, Prague, Czech Republic
Supported by Plexis
Doors 7.30pm

8th July - The Bitter End, Romford
More bands TBA
£5.00 adv. / Doors 7pm

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New RTYD Member

London-based Classic Rock Drummer Matt Warner is a new member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP & is looking to join a covers band:

If it makes you happy, why the hell are you so sad?

It’s not only the fact that Creak have the casually virtuosic Vladi Shlesman on lead guitar that makes me envy them; It’s also the fun that they always seem to have whenever they are gathered together to perform - which they are with some frequency of late.

This fun has been maximised by a number of personnel changes in their early days, but has paid off big-time, because as we all know, the fun-factor is essential for the longevity of any band. (Start reading between the lines, if you wish)

Last night my band Pocket Rocket was the filling in a sandwich on Creak’s classic rock ‘n’ pop bread, on the menu at The Hart pub in Hammersmith, which un-metaphorically speaking means: we played a set between two Creak sets at the invitation of the band, who are currently playing a monthly residency there.

The Hart was Pocket Rocket’s fourth gig in six months, and despite a low turnout, I enjoyed it. I settled into performance mode quite quickly, helped by a good sound, my first pint in 4 days and by the right wardrobe decisions - I over-dressed because I’ve noticed that the hotter I get, the more relaxed I feel.

Creak are used to playing to a decent audience - usually a partying one - but, unfortunately, despite hoping to attract our friends ‘out west’, Pocket Rocket was unable to help provide one, which was disappointing and a little embarrassing, but what can you do.

Indeed. What can you do? I was left wondering just that on my long tube train ride back across town.

When all the ambition has all gone. When the expectation is lower than ever. When every time you play you can count your supporters on one hand. What is the point?

I’ve been looking at skateboards recently. I love window shopping for skateboards, almost as much as guitars. I can’t buy one because I know that the motivation to do so is all about the feeling that riding a skateboard used to give me. It won’t be the same at 44. My mates won’t be interested in coming out skateboarding with me. If I fall like I used to, I’m more likely to break bones. And what’s more, I’d feel too self-conscious riding it around. If I bought one I’d probably just hang it on my wall, get it down from time to time to hold it, and maybe I'd stand on it occasionally in the lounge.

Which is maybe what I should be doing with the guitar - not standing on it in the lounge - but hanging it on my wall and getting it down just to play it for my own pleasure.

As you can tell, not in a good place right now.

Musicians Wanted: Staffordshire/West Midlands/Worcestershire

Musicians Wanted: Staffordshire/West Midlands/Worcestershire: Sax, trumpets, bones, keys, bass for new Swing Band:

Electric Jam tonight @ Fox's pub 150 Kirkdale, Sydenham London

Electric Jam tonight @ Fox's pub 150 Kirkdale, Sydenham London SE26. Bands welcome, all instruments, and gear supplied inc. drumkit blues

Musicians Available: Essex: Drummer

Musicians Available: Essex: Drummer playing since 60s. Good gear & transport. Will consider most styles:
Musicians Available: London: Mature amateur guitarist, been playing for four years wants to join a blues band:

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Who's your musical hero? RTYD Member Rob Paige's is John Mellor: A discussion on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP: Network

Nags Head Rochester Songwriters Open Mic Night

RTYD Member Graham Hunt on the Nags Head Rochester Songwriters Open Mic Night openmic

The Ditchdwellers play the Angel, Glemsford, Suffolk

The Ditchdwellers play the Angel, Glemsford, Suffolk on Sat 12 November: More details on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP:

Musicians Wanted: Derbyshire/Leicestershire/Staffs

Musicians Wanted: Derbyshire/Leicestershire/Staffs: Rock Vocalist Urgently Wanted by established band in 40s/50s:

Musicians Wanted: Gtr Manchester/Lancashire

Musicians Wanted: Gtr Manchester/Lancashire: Acoustic guitarist/singer wanted to form duo 4 cover/originals pubs/clubs:

Tenor Sax Player Wanted : Greater Manchester/Lancashire/West Yorks,

Tenor Sax Player Wanted : Greater Manchester/Lancashire/West Yorks: For Rossendale-based R & B, Swing and 70's+ band:

Musicians Wanted Surrey:

Musicians Wanted Surrey: Rock n Roll Drummer (30+) with adult outlook on life to join real fiery beer cooled band:

Wednesday, 8 June 2011