Sunday, 21 November 2010

Warning: This blog contains flash photography

These are two photographs taken with a compact camera of the same Spirit of Play performance at ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP 4 Denmark Street, last night.

The second photograph (taken with a compact camera) is not in perfect focus - unfortunately, the battery on my camera ran out before I could take any more. However, I usually take enough shots that a small percentage are in good focus. It's worth doing, because as you can see from the first photograph, the flash on the compact camera has completely killed all the atmosphere of the event. And I know there was one.


Liam Barnes said...

The first one looks too lame and quiet like a daytime soundcheck.

Didn't see any Pocket Rocket Pics - are you really in a band Toby? lol

Toby Burton said...

There are a few Pocket Rocket pickies that Otto posted on his page on the Musicians & Bands network. I hope they are proof enough. They could have been staged though, I suppose. Tx