Friday, 12 August 2011

Introducing Joe: songwriter, and drummer with Blues/Rock band Gunnrunner

Hi there I'm Joe. I’m the drummer with rock/blues band Gunnrunner.

I am also a keen amateur songwriter and completely self-taught in all areas of my musical ability. I have a small home recording studio and spend many hours trying to come up with original ideas. I do not however make any claims of being a guitarist, keyboard player, vocalist or performer - although I do produce, record, sing and play a majority of the instruments on the recordings. Other than that, I am an idea's person; nothing more, nothing less.

The songs I write are in stark contrast to the material I play with Gunnrunner and are treated as a totally separate entity. The idea being that my music can be heard by someone in the music business, in the hope that they may hear something that appeals to either themselves, or even to an up and coming artist looking for songs.

I am prepared to work with anyone who may be interested. My aim is to use the internet as a promotional tool in order to get my songwriting noticed. So if you are an up and coming artist or someone who works within the industry and you like what you hear then do not hesitate to contact me or at least spread the word to others.

The tracks featured on my ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP page's music player, here, are demos of my own original material, so any constructive criticism is always welcome! (but....keep it clean, eh!)

Enjoy. And please feel free to comment!!


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