Thursday, 1 September 2011

Video: House of Love by House of Light

HOUSE OF LIGHT is a Berlin-based indie band, fronted by friend of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP, Justin De Vries, which recently moved to New York city. With roots in new wave and 80's pop, its members come from Australia, USA and Italy. Their songs are typically layered in lush melodies, psychedelic piano and guitar riffs, and lyrics that draw upon the French romantics and the surrealists - ballads, disco and electronica with a strong melody and a dark twist. 

Known for their volatile and unpredictable performances, and for experimenting with old and new technology, their songs are more cinematic in scope and delve into themes most modern bands ignore. Their first album "Electric Odyssey" explores themes such as urban inertia, immanence, futility and the dualities of the spirit. Musically they have been compared to the likes of Bowie, Joy Division, Nick Cave and Radiohead. and lyrically to Morrissey and Morrison. Their songs "Naked in a Dream" and "House of Love" are being played on UK and USA radio stations.

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