Wednesday, 7 December 2011

News from Louise Rutkowski: This Mortal Coil Box Set, MOJO article and Waves of Canvas release

This Mortal Coil Box Set Release and MOJO Article 

In case you missed the first box set of TMC, or you just want to add to your collection, a re-mastered box set has just been released. It has beautiful packaging design by Vaughn Oliver. There’s a feature article in the January edition of MOJO magazine.

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Release of “Angel” by Waves on Canvas, Psychonavigation Records, Dublin 

I have collaborated with a wonderful musician and artist in Italy and this is the result! Stefano Guzzetti contacted me as a TMC fan and I loved his own music and website (see, so we did an artistic exchange: I sang on this track and he made the video for “Mimi” – perfect! I hope to work more with Stefano in the future so watch this space! The release has 4AD connections, with the artwork being done by Vaughan Oliver and a remix by John Fryer. It wasn’t intentional, but just happened that way, which is nice. I hope you like it.

To purchase or find out more click here

New Album

This is progressing well and Irvin and me have been busy writing new material which we’re delighted with. I’ll be launching a Pledge Music campaign soon, so will keep you posted on that. This will be to raise the funds we need to put towards recording, manufacturing, and promotion. You can read more about Pledge at: As ever, a big thank you to those of you who keep in touch and are endlessly patient on the emergence of this record!

Rock On, Louise

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