Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rory Protest leaves the Family

News has just come over that multi-instrumentalist, Rory Protest, one of the founder members of Steve White and the Protest Family, has officially called it a day. The announcement came today (maybe it was yesterday?) via the video (below), which carried with it a simple statement from the band that read, 'He was far too young and good looking, anyway'.

Word is that the band will be continuing to folkily punk along with other musicians from the Extended Protest Family. The band also asked me to point out - 'cos they're very proud of themselves, and rightly so - that the video also features their biggest hit to date, 'Right To Strike', which got to about No.1,000 in the Amazon download chart. Very good, indeed!

Oh, and it's still bubbling under at No.543,440!

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