Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Wood Demons play charity gig at The George IV in Chiswick

RTYD member John Silver is playing with his band The Wood Demons at The George IV in Chiswick, London on Wednesday 11th April. The gig is in aid of the Bridge Charity, which provides sport and drama for children with communication disabilities.

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John Silver said...

This is the first ever gig by The Wood Demons. We play
alt-rock inspired by some of the less mainstream acts of the late sixties and early 70s and their spiritual descendants.Those who made us what we are include Syd's Floyd, Gabriel's Genesis, Vanilla Fudge, Can, Neu, Gong, The Byrds, Television, The Soft Boys, Radiohead and Primal Scream. Anthemic tunes, melting guitars and spacy atmospherics.

The other bands ain't bad either. Shakespeare and the Bible fuse folk and punk, you'll hear echoes of Joe Strummer and Shane McGowan.
Front man Owen Jones writes perceptive and moving songs about lost love, lost friends, lost brain cells and social justice gone missing. And going on first are the Kitchen Drinkers, a seriously accomplished fol-bluegrass trio with superb harmonies.

It should be a memorable night. And thebridge definitely needs the money.