Friday, 6 July 2012

Peter Bowles is To The Anarchy Born in Punks Not Dad's new video

Suave British sitcom legend Peter Bowles has sold his soul to punk by appearing in ‘Monkey Boots’ the latest single and video by ageing anarchists Punks Not Dad. The actor, best known for his string of sitcom roles in hit 70s and 80s shows ‘To The Manor Born’, ‘Only When I Laugh’ and ‘The Bounder’, provides a 'Thriller' style voice-over on the record and introduces the video from his shed.

Having previously tackled sheds and Ikea furniture in their previous YouTube hits, the Cardiff based punk legends turn their attention to the iconic punk footwear, monkey boots, which with patronage from the likes of Jarvis Cocker are now set to make a comeback.

Set in an alley outside the school gates in 1981 the video is a 'West Side Story' style turf war between Adam and the Ants fans and the punky Monkey Boot Gang. The gang leader is Scrapheap Challenge and Scrum V Live star, Lisa Rogers, who has appeared in all Punks Not Dad’s videos to date.

A sneak preview of the video is available here.  Click here, too, to hear the song in full . Both are released on Monday 9th July, the video on YouTube, and the MP3 on iTunes and Amazon.

The Dads play a launch gig tonight, 6th July, at the Moon Club (upstairs), Womanby Street, Cardiff at 8pm. Support comes from Sunshine Riot.

Peter Bowles: ‘In all my years on stage and screen I have never worked with anyone as good as Punks not Dad. They are my heroes. Now, about that brown envelope…. ‘ 

Lisa Rogers: ‘Punks Not Dad? Who the fuck are they?‘ 

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