Thursday, 31 May 2012

Introducing A sLICE of COOPER

Coming together in January this year in East Riding of Yorkshire, A sLICE of COOPER were formed by a group of musicians in awe of the one born Vincent Damon Furnier, who as we all know grew up - although not that much -  to become the prince of goth rock, and is now the grandfather of it, Alice Cooper.

As well as presenting a classic show to the right venue, A sLICE of COOPER are also working on special event fan-shows that will appeal to the hardcore Alice fan as well. Concepts such as 'Welcome Through My Nightmares' or the never toured 'Last Temptation' are already in development.

I must say I have seen Alice himself performing live on a couple of occasions - both in the 80s - and I have a seen a good tribute to him who shall remain nameless. So I will be really keen to check these guys out. Watch this space for gig details.

Right now they are collecting 'Likes' on Facebook. I hate that whole business - but maybe that's 'cos I can't seem to get above about 580 and I'm jealous that they've already got over 100 in a fortnight!


spheremusic said...

Thanks for this update. It is great to be in touch with an insider in the London music scene.

Anonymous said...

Was with these guys on Thurs for a warm up gig to test the sound andI've got to say they sounded HUGE! They've already mastered the Cooper sound and their Alice is starting to slip into the trademark Cooper stage presence like an old snakeskin suit. Once they start adding the theatrics they will NEED bigger stages. If they can cut a big enough reputation and get the interest from bigger venues a guilotine is a guarantee!! With Coopers immense back catalogue they can guarantee you something different every show. They should be a hit with passers by as well as the hardcore Cooper fans looking for perfection!

Ade -A sLICE of COOPER said...

Whoa! Ade from AsoC here and was doing a spot of 'ego browsing' for ourselves earlier and found this really positive early promo from Toby so thanks for that! Then to drop back again just now to see this comment from someone who we must have spoken to at the end of the night and we realise we must be doing something right!

They're bang on, we plan to have full on show props by autumn so as we can then tour properly. Thing is we know we need to prove our credentials for a few gigs on smaller stages - hence Riga, Snooty Fox and a couple of others this next couple of months. From there, Studio, Asylum, Academy and student unions beckon with also a couple of the zombie walks too...

Thanks again so much!! Update as soon as we have any and maybe see people at Riga, Westcliff on Sea, Essex this Friday 15th June!!