Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Krypts release their Euro 2012 football anthem, 'Come on England'

Friends of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP, The Krypts, have just released their excellent anthem in support of the England football team's campaign at the forthcoming 2012 European Championships. You can download it for free from their Reverbnation site. It's classic Krypts: catchy and perfect for a boozy pub sing-along; all we need now is England, for whom we have surely at last developed a realistically low expectation, to surprise us all and do well.

About the Krypts

The Krypts (like many bands) started life as a jamming session with Liam Barnes & Bill Stewart, back in 2002. Liam was getting back into playing guitar after a 10 year break and Bill was - and still is - a bass player with the country band Wagonhead. The sessions gave him the opportunity to play six strings.

The boys recruited Ray Hyde in 2003 as a vocalist so they could both concentrate on playing, and the trio soon started writing songs together. The band's name, which at the time was Kryptic Klu, was inspired their rehearsal space which was in the crypt of a church. They invited Bill’s guitarist friend Shiba to come join in for a jam on bass, and he’s been with them ever since!

After a succession of drummers Ray introduced Craig Stronach to the band, whose punk rock roots took the band to a heavier place. The band renamed as The Krypts in August 2011 played their first gig under that name in September at the Ancient Foresters pub in Bermondsey.

Interesting fact about the Krypts: 

Most of its members play their second instrument in the band: Liam - normally an acoustic folk/rock guitarist and singer - plays lead guitar; Bill - an experienced bass player - plays rhythm guitar; and Shiba - an old school rock’n roll guitarist - plays bass. Maybe this is the recipe for the Krypts' unique sound?

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