Thursday, 7 June 2012

Introducing songwriter/composer Mike Morton

A member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, and now a member of ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP, Michael Morton, started promoting his compositions to music publishers in 1986. Since then the Plymouth based composer has had several of his songs published. Most of these have been pop ballads and soul tunes, which is why his latest tune, Beauty's Only Skin Deep, in a house pop stylee, is a slight departure for him.

Mike's chuffed because Beauty's Only Skin Deep, which incidentally got my 9 year old daughter dancing, is already riding high on his local Reverbnation chart. This may well inspire Mike to write more House tunes, so watch this space - or get your children to watch it, if House is not your thing.

Mike has also been pitching material for TV and film with some success. So things seem to be going rather well for him right now. Keep it up Mike!

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